2014: The Lights Start Working Again

5/Feb/2014: That evening, my wife pointed out to me that one of the four light bulbs in the kid’s study room stopped working. I dutifully took out a spare Ikea light bulb and proceeded to get it changed. I got up on a chair, unscrewed the old bulb and did a visual check to see if there was a fault. However, I couldn’t tell the difference and proceeded to replace it with the new Ikea bulb.  I flipped the light switch on to see if the new bulb turned on; but to my surprise, it didn’t light up! I jigged and juggled the bulb to see if there was loose connection but it didn’t light up. In the meantime, the other 3 remaining light bulbs happily glowed in unison! I then told my wife that it was getting late, and I would try to get it changed tomorrow.



6/Feb/2014: Earlier in the morning, I got hold of a ladder and proceeded to take out the entire light chassis with the four light bulbs to see if there were connection issues with the internal wiring. I dismantled and checked the wiring, but couldn’t really tell if there was anything loose. I checked the contact points and they seemed to be working fine. The light chassis was then remounted back to the frame. Whilst I was going through the motion of reinstalling the light frame, a thought ‘lit up’ in my head and I said

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to myself, “Let’s pray and ask God to make the light work again. I had done everything within my control to check the cabling, and the light still refused to come on”.


I muttered a quick word of prayer under my breadth, and flipped the light switch on.


the light didn’t come on.


I jiggled the bulb again and I heard a faint crackle of electricity making contact.

And then, walla …. the light came back on!


I was thoroughly overjoyed and over the moon that God had heard my very simple prayer, and the light came back on. I had done everything within my control and yet couldn’t figure out why the light refused to come on. Bottom line, God hears and answers prayer. Thanks God.



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