1983: My Left Leg Grew!


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I attended a multiday healing conference hosted by my home church Glad Tidings AOG when I was in my early teens. Back then, I was short sighted & was wearing glasses. During one of the altar calls for prayer at the conference, I went up to be prayed for. It was my heart’s desire to get complete 20/20 vision.

However, there was something else amazing that took place when I went for prayers. The couple that was praying for me listened to my request for God to heal me from my myopia (short sightedness). They prayed for me, and then proceeded to ask me to sit down on the pew (bench).

They asked me to stretch my legs out side by side. To my surprise, I was amazed to find out that one of my legs were slightly shorter than the other. I believe it was my left leg that was shorter. How could I tell? Well, the three of us could see that my left ankle bone was slightly shorter than my right; maybe like half an inch or about 1 to 2 cm. It wasn’t much, but it was obvious when you see it.

The couple then asked me to stand up, and said a simple prayer for God to ‘heal my legs’. I closed my eyes, and remember that my hips started turning in a slow circular motion. I kept my eyes closed because I thought the couple was holding my hips and making them turn. To my surprise again, I heard them say that “we are not touching you”. Well I thought to myself, if they are not touching me, and I am definitely not trying to turn my hips and do the hoola-hoola, then who was turning them? I didn’t ask but I figured that it must be God Himself!

My hips stopped turning after about a minute, and they sat me down. They laid hands and prayed for my left leg to be healed. And amazing of amazing, I felt my left leg grow out slowly until it reached the same length as my right leg. It was a totally amazing experience to feel it. It took no more than two or three seconds. The three of us could then see that both legs were completely the same length.

In summary, I am now 41 years old this year, and I AM still wearing glasses. However, my legs are of equal length. God does amazing things when you don’t expect it.


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