2013: Possible Electrical Fire or Shock Prevented

Broken USB cable!
Broken USB cable!

27 OCT 2013, 11pm – Charging my hand phone before I go to bed is part of my ‘standard routine’. For some reason, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I glanced and saw ‘greyish coloured wave patterns’ convulsing down the USB cable that charged my phone. I was about to peer closer at the cable when my wife turned off the bedlamp to prepare to go to bed. I quickly turned around and called out to her, “Hmm, could you please turn the light back on? I think there is problem with my USB phone cable”.

To my horror, I saw that the plastic covering that covered one end of the USB cable was broken through at one end.  I quickly turned off the mains the connected the charger to my phone. I touched the charger and it was also super hot.

I thank God that for He helped me to have alert eyes to take a closer look at the USB power cable. Call that fate or circumstances? Well, I normally don’t bother to take a close look at the USB cable before I go to bed. But for some strange reason tonight, I did. I saw strange ‘greyish coloured wave patterns” convulsing through the cable. Thanks God for His safety as the power adapter could have short circuited, or the touching the broken cable could have caused a electrical shocked to anyone.


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