2013: God is Thoughtful About Hobbies

I didn’t know God cared for little insignificant things like my hobbies until the day I got a new pair of wheels without even muttering a prayer to God about it! My (mis) perception of God was there were so many more important things rather than bother about my hobby,

On 19 March, 2013, I visited a bike shop in Redmond, WA called Performance Bicycle and was able to find and purchase the exact set of cycling wheels that I was eyeing for months – a set of Reynolds Assault carbon wheels.

The backstory was that I was looking to upgrade my set of wheels over the last few months. I found the same set of Reynolds Assault wheels at the price point I wanted due to a special sale on the Performance Bicycle website. However, I was unable to purchase it due to credit card shipping restrictions. It was quite sad for me when I found that out as the price was extremely good!

Fast forward a few months later after that incident to 19 March 2013. It was a special day as it wasn’t often I had a chance to travel to the USA, much less visit this bicycle store.

I visited the Performance Bicycle store during lunch hour. Lo and behold, the same pair of wheels I was eyeing on their internet site was hanging on the shelves. These wheels were not normally available at the store but they were surprisingly available on the day I went to there. Apparently, somebody ordered it but didn’t want it. I was the fortunate person to buy it instead. Furthermore, the price I paid was the similar price I saw on the internet a few months ago, plus I took advantage of the 10% further lunchtime discount that day!

I was a happy camper when I left the store with the wheels. More importantly, I was so thankful to God for arranging the circumstances for me to buy it knowing my cycling passion and providing something that I really wanted. And all this without even me praying or asking God for it. Truly, He is our heavenly Father who knows what His children liked!

dated 19 March 2013


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