2016: Daring Faith

9/Jan/2016 – What does daring faith have to do with a DVD player? Read on..

DVD playerThe church I attend on Saturday, had just started our 1st week of Connect Group meetings with the topic of “Daring Faith” . As usual, I packed my bag with what I needed to bring to church earlier that morning. The regular items were the laptop for taking notes, a water bottle and my trusty NLT pocket bible. My laptop was one that was rather slim and didn’t come with a built-in DVD player. As I was about to close the bag up, I heard the Holy Spirit in a still small voice to pack along my USB-DVD drive together with the laptop. My immediate response was, “Huh? I need the laptop but why would I need to bring a DVD player to church?” Anyway, I sensed it may be needed for the Daring Faith session. I decided to toss the DVD drive together with my already overstuffed bag and brought it along to church.


Later in church, the leader in charge of the children’s ministry casually walked over to me and asked if my laptop had a DVD drive. She needed a computer that could play the Daring Faith video for the kids later. I was super excited when I heard her pop that question. I responded excitedly, “Yes, my laptop can play a DVD today” and explained to her the story of how I packed the DVD player in my bag . I was glad I took a step of faith to bring the DVD player along with my laptop to church. For your information, I’ve not brought the DVD player to church before. The children later watched the DVD using my laptop & were blessed. So was I.

May I encourage you to take a step of daring faith and obey God’s prompting . Somebody could be blessed as you build and restore faith.



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